Unlocking secrets of sea level rise in Greenland
Reuters photographer Lucas Jackson recently captured an iceberg -- the size of lower Manhattan -- breaking off from Greenland's Helheim Glacier. This rarely seen calving event gives an insight into the processes scientists are studying to narrow wildly varying estimates of sea level rise.

British artist crafts new portraits from old technology
Artist Nick Gentry turns vintage data storage into portraits and sculptures

Teen pilot lands plane after losing wheel
17-year-old student pilot Maggie Taraska is still coming down to earth after a hair-raising maiden solo flight on Sunday. Shortly after take-off, Maggie had to land again - with one wheel missing.

INSIGHT: Abandoned baby flamingos learn to walk
Baby flamingos, who have been abandoned by their parents, are being trained to walk by their keepers in Prague zoo. The abandoned chicks are taken for daily walks around the zoo, helping them to become socialized so that they will be able to easily reintegrate with the rest of the flock.

On a swing and a run at the British Open Speedgolf Championships
Professional and amateur golfers are judged on the amount of time taken to complete the course - as well as how many shots they take. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Underwater archaeologists make way for Israel's deep-sea gas pipeline
A team of scuba divers have been scouring the seabed where the Leviathan pipeline will be developed, in a bid to preserve relics from the 5,000 year old port of Dor 75 miles off the northern coast of Israel.

China's animation and comics market growing
Homegrown animation and comics industry expected to grow as it becomes a new trend for Chinese fans. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Actor Jeff Goldblum surprises London commuters with piano performance
It is all in the fingers as Actor Jeff Goldblum shows that there is more to his talents than just acting Rough Cut - No reporter narration

A defiant farmer holds out in booming Bangkok
Many have taken offers to part with their land in Thailand's big capital Bangkok, but one man is clinging to a farm he says offers a rare patch of greenery in the Asian metropolis.

Hundreds celebrate World Beard Day in Sweden
Hundreds gathered in the Swedish capital of Stockholm on Saturday (September 1) for a festival that celebrated facial hair with a parade and a barber battle.

This Day in History

The Mexico City Earthquake (1985)
At 7:18 AM, an 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the Mexican state of Michoacán, releasing more than 1,000 times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Several hundred miles away in Mexico's capital, Mexico City, the devastation was catastrophic. Official estimates place the death toll at 10,000, but several times that number may have actually perished. Tens of thousands of others were hurt and hundreds of thousands were left homeless. Why was Mexico City so hard hit? Discuss

The Fashoda Incident (1898)
Toward the end of the 19th century, France and Britain were brought to the brink of war by territorial disputes in Africa. Tensions came to a head at a strategically located fort at Fashoda, Sudan, occupied by the French mere months before a British force arrived with its own designs on the area. A standoff ensued, but the French, fearing an outbreak of hostilities, eventually withdrew. The diplomatic solution to this political crisis is widely seen as a precursor to what Anglo-French agreement?

"Is Paul McCartney Dead?" (1969)
If one is to believe the rumors, the real Paul McCartney died at the height of Beatlemania and was secretly replaced by a double. The precise origins of this urban legend are unknown, but it gained traction at around the time that the band was breaking up. This is attributed in part to an article published in an Iowa university student newspaper addressing the rumors and pointing to supposed clues in the band's music and album artwork that alluded to the rocker's death. What are some examples?