This Day in History

Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 Begins (1971)
When East Pakistan demanded greater autonomy from West Pakistan in 1971, civil war erupted. Millions of East Pakistanis fled to India, which West Pakistan then attacked. India responded by attacking both East and West Pakistan, occupying the eastern half and throwing its support behind the independence movement. The war lasted 13 days and ended with Pakistan's surrender. East Pakistan then declared independence and became Bangladesh. Why was the Taj Mahal covered with burlap during the conflict? Discuss

First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Chain Reaction Is Demonstrated (1942)
Constructed under an abandoned stand of bleachers at the University of Chicago, the world's first artificial nuclear reactor was little more than a pile of uranium and graphite bricks. It was built as part of the Manhattan Project under the supervision of renowned physicist Enrico Fermi. The first successful demonstration lasted 28 minutes and was a milestone in the history of physics. What code phrase did scientists use to convey the reactor's success to government officials?

The Antarctic Treaty Is Signed (1959)
Following 18 months of successful international cooperation and research on the icy, southern continent, 12 countries signed a treaty officially designating Antarctica a non-militarized international region to be used solely for scientific purposes. Today, scientists perform research there year-round, with citizens of multiple nations working side by side. In 2006, an unusual legal situation arose when New Zealand police were unable to fully investigate what suspicious incident in Antarctica?