How do your answers compare to your classmates?
1) What was your favorite fast food place ?
Der Weinerschnitzel
Dairy Queen
Taco Villa
Shakey's Pizza
The Pink Pig
2) Who was your favorite teacher ?
Sharon Kingston
Terry Marrs
Ed Jarman
Ruby Lee Douglas
Phil Anthony

3) Where was your favorite hang out ?
A friend's house
Brittany Restaurant
Maxey or other park
South Plains Mall
Up at school
4) What was your favorite extra-curricular activity ?
Band / Choir / Orchestra
Theater / Forensics
Student Council
Dance / Cheerleading
Academic Club

5) If I could change one thing about high school, I would....?
Study more-Party less
Party more-Study less
Ask that special someone out for a date
Never have dated that certain someone
Be nicer and kinder to everyone
6) Did you have a CB radio, and (what you thought at the time) was a really cool "Handle" ?
Yes, but I'm almost too embarrassed to admit it
No, but I used a friend's as often as possible
I don't remember

7) What color was your polyester leisure suit (with or without bell bottoms) ?
Some shade of brown
Some shade of blue or green
It was a peachy/caramel-ish color that doesn't exist in nature
White, of course
I had good taste, even back then. Wouldn't be caught in a leisure suit
8) What do kids (yours or someone else's) do when they see old high school pictures of you ?
Laugh hysterically
Say, "Dude, you look so COOL!"
Don't recognize me with hair
Don't recognize me without wrinkles.
Say, "Man, could your hair GET ANY BIGGER?"
Are you kidding? I wouldn't show those pictures to anyone!

9) How loyal are you to Coronado ?
I know all the words to the school song and can sing it.
I can play the both the school song and fight song on my musical instrument
I might be able to hum one or the other tune.
I might recognize it if I heard it.
I don't remember anything past "CHS is our noble Alma Mater. In all the west she's best, and she'll never falter."
We had a school song?
10) If someone got in your car back in 1977, what was likely playing on the radio ?
Disco / Pop
My personal 8-Track music collection
Classical / Religious

11) If someone gets in your car today, what is likely playing on the radio ?
70's / 80's Music
Radio Disney/Children's station
Religious Music
Talk Radio / News
Current Rock / Pop Music
12) The Bowling for Soup song was replaced with Mac Davis' song, "Lubbock, Texas in My Rearview Mirror." What do you think?
I like it -- keep it
I hate it -- it gets in the way -- get rid of it
I like music - but not this song - try to change it
I miss the Bowling for Soup song- Bring it back!
There's music attached?