The questions and answers from the quiz below were taken straight from the 1977 yearbook -- so NO PEEKING until after you have tried to answer these questions on your own!

1) How many seniors graduated in 1977 ?
2) Who was our class Valedictorian ?
Doety Phea
Elizabeth White
Liz Preisinger
Becky Carr

3) Who was the 1977 Homecoming Queen ?
Donna Shobert
Nora Jirgensons
Debby Sasano
Teresa Gruber
4) Who won the Homecoming Car Decoration Contest ?
Randy Shipp
David Bacon
Jeff Williams
Kevin Baker

5) Which male was awarded the Danforth "I Dare You" Award ?
Les Brewer
Nick Pirkle
Lee Brock
Trevor Shine
6) Who was named Sweetheart of the Future Farmers of America ?
Kelli Jordan
Darlia Harris
Leah Ann Martin
Rosanna Langston

7) What was the theme song for the prom ?
The Way We Were
Love Story
The Long and Winding Road
8) How many classmates were selected as Who's Who ?

9) Who was President of Student Council ?
Debby Sasano
Jay Norton
Lisette Badell
Teresa Gruber
10) Who made All-State Choir ?
Paul Schmidt
Tamara Vance
Liz Preisinger
Jerry Chambers

11) Who were named Class Favorites ?
Denise Criswell and Les Brewer
Eric Blumrosen and Teresa Gruber
Pat Handren and Doety Phea
Matt Orwig and Debby Sasano
12) Who were Mr. and Miss Coronado ?
Mike Carter and Terre Finley
Tookie Hollingsworth and Leesa Nickels
Jeff Huddleston and Nancy Leathers
Nick Pirkle and Teresa Gruber

13) How far back did they have to go to break the tie in grades between Valedictorian and Salutatorian ?
9th grade
8th grade
7th grade
6th grade
14) What was the record of our football team ?

15) Who won the District Girl's Volleyball title ?
Lubbock High
16) Who were team captains of the tennis team ?
Dana Craig and Dale Anderson
Lynda Weaver and Dan McMillan
Molly McNamara and Phillip Catuogno
Sharla Rigsby and Steve Wyett

17) What was the name of the "One Act Play" in 1977 ?
A Concert of Electronic and Brass Music
Alice In Wonderland
Major Bullshot Gorgeous
18) Who were named Best Thespians ?
Ann Alford and Bruce Boggs
Terre Finley and Matt Orwig
Arthur Cook and Polly Maynard
Tookie Hollingsworth and Leah Martin

19) Who were named Mr. and Miss NFL ?
Jeff Johnson and Leslie Ansley
Steve Froemel and Becky Ullom
Craig Haynes and Cathy Crisp
Craig Tounget and Mara Hardin
20) Who were Co-Editors of the school newspaper, The Crest ?
Scott Sudduth and Kim Hovden
Lance Johnston and Mark Skibell
Teri Bryce and Keely Anthony
Britt Barnes and Patty Power

21) Who performed at the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum on November 11th ?
Bob Hope
Michael Murphy
Gino Vinelli
Leon Russell
22) Who won their class at the Regional Golden Glove tournament ?
Damon Andrews
Sam Dancy
Derwin Gilkey
All of the above

23) What was unique about Prom King and Queen this year ?
It was the first vote tabulated by computer
They were chosen by the Junior class
The two who had raised the most money for charity were selected
It was determined by a random drawing
24) Who was mayor of Lubbock in 1977 ?
Roy Bass
Morris Turner
Jim Granberry
Dub Rogers

25) Who was selected as "Teacher of the Year" ?
Terry Marrs
Ray Crawford
Sharon Kingston
Ed Jarman