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roland vela
Profile picture
Profile picture
service consultant Married 1

My journey in life has been like a roller coaster,  I can say that I have accomplished more than I expected. I have one son I am also married and am working with Therapuetic Beds for Wound Care, respiratory and trauma patients.  I am looking forward to this reunion  and meet up with my  classmates.

God bless to all

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Clint Walker
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Oil & Gas Services Married 2
Thanks to the Reunion Committee for putting this event together.
I graduated in 1982 from Texas Tech and have been in the oilfield since that time.  My wife Risa and I have 2 children, Madeline (8) and Scout (5) and we reside in Midland, Texas.
I look forward to seeing everyone.
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Tori Coble (Warden)
Medical Transcriptionist Married
Hello everyone!  While I won't be able to make the reunion, it is really nice to hear about how we've all changed through these profiles.

After working for the US Government for 23 years, I took an early retirement and decided to work from home.  I've been working as a Medical Transcriptionist for 3 years now.

I live in Columbus, OH, with my sweetheart who just retired from the State.  He's started his own business, so we're committed to this place for a few more years, but we hope to finally retire in New Mexico.

Have fun everyone.  Maybe I'll make it to #40!
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John Wendt
August 28, 1959 Agricultural research/development Married
I'm so glad to make this reunion with my wife, Shiro Wanjeru. Thanks so much to the reunion committee who pulled this together! The last reunion I attended was the 10th so it'll be great to catch up with everyone!

I've been living in Nairobi for almost 5 years; have spent 24 years in Africa since high school in various countries--Niger, Malawi, Cameroon, Uganda, and now Kenya. It's been a rich experience, all of the different cultures, music, languages, habits, attitudes--and oh the culinary delights! I've learned a lot from the incredibly resilient people here. I'm all settled down in Nairobii with my wife and 3 dogs. I guess I'll retire here in a few years but I don't really think that far ahead. I get back to the USA about once a year, usually around Christmas, to see my parents (still hanging in there in Lubbock), my two sisters and brother, and a couple of high school friends from Lubbock, Bill Brown and Joe Bilbro, and their lovely families. Those friendships are unique and never fade.
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Vickie Daffern (Wheeler)
April 06, 1959 Medicaid Eligibility Specialist for the Elderly and Disablied Married 4
 I Married before I graduated. I have been married 36 yrs. We have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. I live in Amarillo and work for The State of Texas. Send Vickie a MessageSend Vickie a Message
Vickie Daffern (Wheeler)
April 06, 1959 Case worker Married 4
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Kim Hovden (Williams)
CSISD Special Services Coordinator Married 2
Jeff Williams (also Class of '77) and I married in 1978. We have 2 daughters. Julie (24) married last year and lives in Plano. She and our son-in-law graduated from A&M. Our younger daughter, Jana (20), is at Texas State University. Jeff works in the insurance and investment industry. I am the Coordinator of Special Services for the College Station school district. We moved to College Station about 5 years ago. We learned at the reunion that many of you have children here at A&M. We've kind of become the Lubbock parents down here if your kids need anything (not bail money though!). Now that we have an empty nest we've been enjoying Jeff's new hobby - sailing. He has a charter boat skipper certificate and we have plans to spend our vacations and retirement chartering a sailboat in the Caribbean as often as possible. Send Kim  a MessageSend Kim a Message
Debbie Howard (Wilson)
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Massage Therapist Married 3
Married to Wade Wilson since July of 1978, just celebrated 29 years! 
Have 3 beautiful daughters. 
Busy running my business, taking care of teenagers, and keeping up with Wade and his triathlon hobby.
Life is good..
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Gary Wilson
Land Surveyor Married 2
Wow. 30 years. Man are we gettin old. Still here in the HUB. I have two great daughters. Oldest will graduate from Tech in December. She wants to teach school. She loves school. Obviously didn't get that from Dad. Youngest will graduate from The Rock School of Ballet in Philadelphia this spring. She wants to be a professinal ballerina.

Can't wait to see everyone.

Leslie great job on the website. Can't believe the color of that tux.
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Wade Wilson
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CPA Married 3
Married for 29 years to Debbie Howard. 
3 Daughters. 
Partner in my CPA firm.
I train and enjoy triathlons. Have been to the Championship in Hawaii twice. Have traveled to many different places to race and have had a great time meeting other athletes. 
Life is very busy for the Wilson's.
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