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john Curtis
Owner-Smokers Haven Married 2
Wow, thirty years????? I'm sure glad everone stays (and looks ) young forever. Well I'm still in Lubbock and Married the greatest lady around. When you meet her, you will agree. Have two good kids, Brian our oldest will start Texas Tech this year and Dana will be starting 4th. grade at Stewart Elem. As for work .....Smokers Haven....somethings never change. Send john a MessageSend john a Message
Leah Martin (Dagher)
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Chess Program Director
Life just got kids are growing and I have a great job at Briarmeadow Charter School teaching chess.  No , I am not a Grand Master, but hope to  do some research and write a book.  (Hey, if other people like to quote  and publish my work, why not me?) Send Leah a MessageSend Leah a Message
Teri Bryce (Davis)
October 01 Independent Insurance Adjuster Married

Been looking for Elvis, in all the wrong places.


Was in the indigent business.  Not fun.  
Drag raced for fun and profit.   Not profitable.

Became an Insurance Property Catastrophe Adjuster.

Learned how to spell the above.

Traveled to 30+ states looking at damage from hail, wind tornadoes, wildfires, flood, hurricanes and trees.

Went to Mexico a few times.

Lived in a few hotels, ate in a lot of restaurants, saw some races, enjoyed a few concerts.

Endured a hurricane, no, 5.

Was not a commuter, soccer mom, stressed out or proud parent, PTA member or Band Booster; but gave $$ to them all.


Every time I come home to Lubbock, I enjoy the dust, the West Texas spirit, drive to the strip, and the Loop (30 minutes total travel time, including construction). 


I tried coke, new coke, lime in the coke (you nut), diet coke; beer, lite beer, near beer and ultra; Charmin, new improved Charmin and Charmin Ultra. 

Seems like original is always better.


Still on the lookout, for Elvis, that is.

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Karla Gibson (Donnell)
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Banking Married 2

Hey CLASS of 1977!!!!  Hope everyone is doin great!!!  Just got the last teenager out of the house and now I am just an "OLD GIRL GONE WILD!"

Just kidding about the "gone wild" part.  But if I had the energy & time, "Ijust might!"

Just working and playing the lottery.  But hey I live in Paradise, what more could I ask.  HA!

Paradise, Texas, that is. 

PS. Is that Christy White, or Melinda Moss or Debbie Tipton or Teresa Gruber in that pic with me??????

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Terre Finley (Dunn)
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Mom and Volunteer Married 2
I graduated from Tech.  I worked in Public Relations for Texas Electric Service Company until I married my husband, Clement Dunn.  We moved to Longview, Texas and I worked for the Texas Commission on the Arts in the Artist in Residence Program teaching theatre in three school districts.  I stopped teaching with the birth of my first child.  For the past 17 years I have pursued a career in volunteerism.  I have served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Shakespeare Festival, President of the Longview Junior League, President of the Pine Tree ISD Education Foundation, Board President of the Longview Museum of Fine Arts ( I could go on with my volunteer activities, but you get the picture - if there is a lot of work and no pay, I am all over it.) I recently was elected to the Pine Tree ISD School Board.  My son Charlie will be attending the University of Texas at Austin this Fall. He has been accepted into the School of Communication in advertising.  My daughter, Mackenzie, will be in the ninth grade.  (No, Mackenzie is not named for Mackenzie Junior High.) She has been bitten by the acting bug and won Best Actress in the UIL One Act Play contest.  My husband is an attorney in Longview.  We also have a wonderful nine year old golden retriever named Rex.  Send Terre a MessageSend Terre a Message
Konnie (K.K.) McLaughlin (Easley)
Married 3
I am married to Tim Easley, we have been married for 18 years. I have worked for Bank Of America for the past 17 years. The past 3 years I helped start our online text chat department and have managed our sales and service operations. We both work in Dallas & Denton, but live Northwest of Ft Worth. We love the country life with our 3 boys. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
Debbie Coon (Free)
Self Employed Married 5
I married my childhood sweatheart Randy Free on June 10, 2005. We have 5 kids between us. Daidra 28, Derek 25, Dallas 21, Ricky 22, Andrea 18 and 1 granddaughter born May 4, 2007. I have my house cleaning business and my monogramming business and of course my kids to keep me busy. Of course after being single for 8 years, married life is different. My husband finally married the right Debbie! Send Debbie a MessageSend Debbie a Message
Joe Garcia
Surgeon Married 1
I just ran across this website, and  am sorry I have missed all of the reunions!
I am a general surgeon in Austin,and have been here since 1990. I went straight through with college, med school and residency after leaving Coronado. I always seem to find out about the reunions after the fact. We just moved into a new house and was looking at my senior yearbook as I was putting up books. It seems like a lifetime ago.
I am married with a 15 year old daughter. I really have lost touch with most of my high school friends
but the look back brings back memories.
So long
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Laura Hudnall (Goodwyn)
Semi-retired, Gigi Married 3
Married for 40 yrs to Monty Goodwyn.
3 boys: Jason (40), Jordan (36), Trey (29). All the boys are married and I have 4 beautiful granddaughters, Robin, Lucy, Alice, and Grace. My youngest son and his wife are expecting a little boy, my first grandson, in October. We are super excited.  Monty has owned his business, Builders Carpet & Design, since 1982. I have worked from our home most of our married life. We have been fortunate enough to be able to travel quite a bit and really enjoy having that time together. 
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Peggy Forgason (Green)
Director of Marketing & Communications Married
Life has been very good.  I miss seeing my friends and look forward to talking with everyone from Stewart Elementary, Evans Junior High and Coronado High School.  My life in the hub city was a great starting place for the future.  We have come a long way and hopefully we will have a long journey ahead.

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