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Tim Rickman
Flooring Sales Married 3
Married in 1990 to Coronado '78 graduate Shari Boone.
3 Children: Josh- 26yrs old, a high school teacher & basketball coach in San Marcos. Jill - 24yrs old, going to Med School, Abbe - 12 yrs old.  
I am in flooring sales. 
Love the Lord, my family, and golf.
Catherine Robinson
Profile picture
Profile picture
December 17, 1958 Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) Minister Married 1
After graduating from Coronado, I went off to UT Austin, where I finished a B.A. in French. (Thank you, Betty Wekerle for the glorious introduction to French at Coronado!) To many people's surprise, including my own, I then got myself over to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where I completed a Master of Divinity degree. Then, in 1986, I was ordained a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) minister.  

Not long after that, in 1988, I married the Rev. Dr. William K. Hedrick, also a Presbyterian minister.  We were wed at the St. Charles Ave. Presbyterian Church in New Orleans, where I had been serving as associate pastor. Since then, I have served churches in Texas, Missouri, and New Mexico.  In 2000, I finished a Doctor of Ministry in Homiletics...that's preaching, for those who may wonder!  

The D.Min. actually got finished on the "Mommy Track" because, right as I was starting that program in 1993, we found out about a little baby in Taiwan who needed a family.  That baby boy became our son, George Hedrick.  We are sinfully proud of George, who has numerous gifts and also multiple disabilities.  Through him, God has given us gifts that we didn't know to pray for!   

My husband, Bill, has two older children, Mark and Joy, who have blessed us with three grandchildren--Lily, Ryan, and Daniel.  It's loads of fun to be Gamma Catherine!

These days, I am full-time caregiver to Bill, who has multiple health challenges.  We rejoice in the gift of each day that we have together, and in the abundance of surpising mercies that we have experienced in our years of marriage.
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Belinda Rose
Teacher Widowed 2
K-Teacher (20 years)
Widow (10 years)
2 Children : Briar Rose - 20 yrs old
                 Bailey Rose - 17 yrs old
Live in Whiteface
High School Cheer Sponsor
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Doug Rosson
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Professor Married 2

I graduated from the University of Texas and then the National Theatre Conservatory with a Master's degree in acting.  Then after quite a few years of making a living working in the theatre, I wanted to settle down.  So, I returned to Florida State where I am completing my PhD -- and I am currently teaching performance and theatre history at Bradley University.

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Doug Rosson
December 22, 1959 Artist/ Professor Widowed 2
What a long strange trip it has been... lived many places -- married twice -- college sweetheart -- divorced; woman I met n the theatre in Seattle -- Passed, cancer 2013.  I have two boys about to be an high school freshman and a  junior as of summer 2017. UT undergrad, National Theatre Conservatory, Acting MFA, Florida State PhD work Theatre Studies, Post doc University of Helsinki.  I look forward to seeing all at our 40th in about a week... I hate writing these, I'm a talk to me there guy.  
Paul Schmidt
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Middle School Band Director Married 2

I'm a middle school band director in the Carrollton/Farmers Branch school district, a profession I have continued to enjoy and find rewarding and challenging.  Donna (Ricky, Monterey 1977) and I celebrated our 20th this summer, we have 2 children, Scott(15) and Christa (12).  We are the worst parents in the world and don't understand anything.  Our children are "above average". Be warned that Scott is starting to learn to drive.  Donna is an oboe teacher and free lance musician in the metroplex, Scott plays a mean trumpet and Christa is our thespian.

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Alice Manny (Schulz)
Business Manager Married
I married my husband,Ron, in September 1997.  He has two daughters from a previous marriage and his youngest daughter has a little girl that turned three in January.  She is the joy or our lives and I have so much fun with her!!!!!   

I have worked for Texas Tech for 14 and 1/2 years.  I have met some really nice people through my job.  I am one of three supervisors in my department.

I have a wonderful nephew and neice that live here in Lubbock.  My nephew is going to be a junior at Coronado this year and my neice will go there in 2008. Finally some more Mustangs in the famiily!! 
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Trevor Shine
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Managing Director Married 2

For the past 19 years I have lived and worked in England. I run a company that provides marketing communication services to UK pharmaceutical companies and supplies medicines and drugs information to police forces and the National Health Service. Irony? what irony!

Graduated from Tech in 81 and in 1984, received a MBA from the American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix. Then worked in Dallas until moving to London in 1988 to help set up the subsidiary of a US marketing services company. Thought I would leave England after two or three years but have not managed to get around to it yet.

I married a lovely English woman in 1995.  We have a nine year old daughter and a four year old son who are great and in between aging us, keep us young.   

Ok, this one is really me, with my wife Melanie and our children, India and Jackson

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Becky Rhodes (Shurson)
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August 18, 1959 Account Executive Married 1
2017:  Just moved to Eugene, OR to enjoy husband John's retirement.  Son Lucas just finished college and is spending a volunteer year in Omaha, NE with Lutheran Volunteer  Corps. I'm now serving a second three-year term on the executive board of Women of the ELCA, the women's ministry of our denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (the liberal Lutherans). 

2007: Ever a late bloomer, married John in ‘91, and in ‘95 had Lucas, now 12 and a really great kid! West Texas grad & have worked part-time since the mid 90’s for a nonprofit meeting planning company, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ. We moved frequently in the early years, but settled 7 years ago in So. Cal. in a small town between LA & Palm Springs.  BNSF Railway pays the bills, and I play at working and do my real work running Lucas around - every mom’s story...
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Rebecca "Becky" Smith
Profile picture
Profile picture
July 04 Academic Business Librarian Married
Hi--I haven't seen most of you since we graduated forty years ago, except through Facebook.  Time goes by so fast!   I'm currently an associate professor at the University Library at U of Illinois, been working there since 2001.  I've been married twice and live with my 2nd spouse in Champaign.   I've been a librarian since 1988, and lived in Dallas/FW area, Boston area, did a stint in College Station, and now Champaign.  

I'm looking forward to reacquainting myself with many of you, especially those who attended Stewart Elementary as well as CHS.   The then picture was taken a few days after our graduation and the now picture is only a couple years old, although many of you have seen me on FB.  I hope to hear about your journeys and plans ahead.  
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