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Cyndi Snow
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Registered nurse-Specialty: Critical care Single
Hello everyone. I don't know where to start. I graduated LVN school in 1979, worked for a while as a staff nurse at a small hospital. Then joined the staff at St. Mary's hospital, working in critical care. From there I went for my RN, and now have worked as charge nurse in ICU at Covenant Lakeside (formally St. Mary's). This December will have been there 25 years. I hate saying that, because that would make me........... But then you all know how old I am. I am single having lost my one true love 2 years ago. But life goes on. And now I am busy raising my great neice who is 15 months old. I now know why we raise children while we are young! ! ! ! She is quite the handful. I love to travel and have been to Alaska, Hawaii, Germany, Korea, Guam and many of our great states and have many great stories.My brother ans sisters have migrated to other area's but Lubbock continues to be home. Send Cyndi a MessageSend Cyndi a Message
Ricky Sorrells
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Senior Systems Analyst Married 4
Married Kerri Garritson ('77 Monterey Grad.) in 1982. We just celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Have 4 wonderful kids that Kerri homeschools.. Michal my 21 yo daughter is a Senior at Texas A&M Commerce. Matthew is 18 and is starting school in a few weeks at Northeast Texas Community College, Mark is 14 and Mitchell 11 . .They are my life .. We moved to east Texas 3 years ago from the metroplex to work for Pilgrims Pride and really enjoy living out here in the trees.. Send Ricky a MessageSend Ricky a Message
Andrew St John
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May 12, 1959 Sales manager R Married 2
It doesn't seem that long ago, that we all were running around senior hall in between classes. It sure has been a fun ride through life so far. I hated missing the 40th reunion. I don't plan to miss another. 
I have both of my kids working on their degrees at Texas Tech University. Drew is 21 and Bella is 18 and a Pi Phi. My wife (Kelly) and I enjoy feeding college kids on Sundays.. 
I look forward to seeing everyone at the 45 union in 22.
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Orlene Stroud
Special Education Teacher Married 2
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Edith Perkins (Tannery)
I am currently living in Runaway Bay Texas and have been in the Bridgeport area for the past 15 years.
I have two wonderful sons, Nathan is in the US Navy and Zachary lives & works in Bridgeport. I am excited about the reunion & getting together with old school friends. K.K. McLaughlin-Easley and I are cousins & will come to the reunion together.
Pauline Bagwell (Taylor)
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Social Worker Divorced 2
I am an adoption caseworker for CPS.  I have two grown is a chef on an oil rig and the other is a lt. in the army.  I was married for 22 years and have been divorced for 5.  With my work schedule, I don't have alot of free time, but what time I do have, I like to spend with friends.

Oh, and I am now a proud new grandma of a beautiful little girl!
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Earl Teague
Home Improvement Contractor Married 2

After high school graduation I attended Tech...dropped out...then attended Tech again until graduating in 82.  Got married to a Kansas girl (Lori) then moved to the DFW metroplex and have been in Keller for 19 years.  Hard to believe time has passed so quickly.  I have my own business here and Lori is an elementery school R.N.  We have two beautiful daughters, Aspen 18/Autumn 16.  Aspen will start at Tech in the fall and Autumn will be a junior at Keller High.  Besides work, I spend my time playing bluegrass, tennis, golf, fishing and seeing as much live music as I can and of course...can't get enough football. (spectator only) We are  involved in our community at many different levels: church, schools, emergency response team, neighborhood board..(you get the point).  Much of my work is dependent on our network here in Keller....We have found our little spot in the world and have made a home here...but we do love to travel to Mexico every chance we get. I  plan and organize an annual golf tournament here at Sky Creek Ranch each year which benifits a summer camp devoted to kids afflicted with cancer.  The calander date is the same each year...Saturday before Mothers Day.  If you are in the area I would love to have you on board!  I have enjoyed reading and catching up the posting on this site.  What a great job!  Can't make the reunion this time....maybe the 40th... if I am still in the hunt.

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Craig Tounget
Association Manager/Lobbyist Married 2
I am living in Austin for the fourth time.  My wife assures me that we are never leaving again.  I have been married since 1988 and our son is 16 and our daughter is 10.  I have been involved in Texas politics and with the Legislature for more years than I like to admit.  

I haven't kept track of many of you, but I can't wait to hear about your lives.  I hope August finds you healthy, happy and in the "Hub City."
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John Trombly
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Network Administrator Married 3
After Graduating, I went to work in the oil field for a year and then started attending Texas Tech. I was able to put 2-1/2 years in before my mother died and I took time away from school. I was on and off and changed majors several times and now have more than enough hours to be a graduate, but not all in the proper area. Last attempt I took was just prior to me moving to Corpus Christi Tx (almost 12 years ago).

Dabbled in computers and computer programming and found a home here at CCAAC where I am the Network Administrator for 100+ computers.

I have 3 great kids (JD, Andrew, and Florence). One is getting married this year, one will just be starting collage, and my youngest and only daughter will be starting her Jr. Year in High School.

My wife and I got married on the 6666 ranch where her mother was the cook. It was a small gathering but really kinna neat. We have been married for over 19 years and she still puts up with me. My only wish is that one day I will win an argument with her.

I live in an area where there is really no winter. I drive my motorcycle to work almost every day. I live in a small town on the outskirts of Corpus Christi and I have to cross the Bay bridge each day. It is quite beautiful to be able to look down from the bridge and see the Lexington (Decommissioned WWII carrier).
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Brian Ullom
physician Married 4

Graduated from Texas Tech medical school in 1992.  Completed a residency in Pediatrics in 1995.  Moved to the Yakima Valley in Washington state in 1995, and have since been working in a migrant clinic in Toppenish, Washington.  I have been married to my wife, Louise, since 1985.  We have four kids- Faith (18), Daniel(15), Bennett (12), and Annalee (10). 

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